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  • World’s Most Famous Logos and the Stories Behind Them – Part 1

    It is no secret how powerful a good logo is for brand recognition. Creating a good logo is not luck of the draw, but the result of thorough planning and strategic thought – and we pride ourselves on this here at Noble Ink!

    If you need a well-crafted logo to represent your brand, get in touch to chat about logo design or redesign with us. Many well-known logos have great stories behind them, and we’d love to be part of yours!



    The name Apple came about because Steve Jobs considered it a powerful word. It is said at the time of establishing the company he was in the middle of an all-fruit diet, so no doubt he had fruit on his mind. Apple was a start-up company, with minimal money to spend on designing a logo. The apple with a bite out of it was the only logo produced by designer Rob Janoff. There are numerous theories about the company’s logo and why it is an apple that has been bitten into. Such as, it is tribute to Alan Turing, computer scientist who is believed to have died by suicide after eating a cyanide laced apple. However, the reason for the bitten apple logo is simply so people don’t confuse it with a cherry!



    The Big M, also referred to as the golden arches, is symbolic of capitalisation and the expansion of American culture. The arches were part of the exterior design of the first McDonalds restaurant in 1952. Nine years later the arches were integrated into the McDonalds logo and have remained there ever since. The colours were specifically chosen – red because it embodies energy and yellow for its connection to happiness. The simplicity of the design, shape and colours make the McDonalds logo easy to recognise, remember and stand out.



    If you have ever used a search on the internet, the odds are you have used Google. It is said Google is used for 92.47% of internet searches! Google is known for its simplistic logo and on occasion it changes its logo to align with significate days. That said, the logo hasn’t changed greatly over the years.

    Google, was created in 1995 as BackRub, and luckily two years later changed its name to the one the whole world knows now. The name “Google” is a derivative from “Googol”, which is a large number.

    Computer scientist and internet entrepreneur, Larry Page created the Google logo in 1997. The colour and sequence of colours were strategically thought out. Google wanted a pattern that was extensively accepted, but not entirely conventional. Challenging the norm Google broke traditional colour patters rules by colouring the letter ‘L’ green, a secondary colour. It is also non-conventional to use the three primary colours. The lesson to be learnt from Google’s logo is that sometimes we need push boundaries and think outside the box.


    Apple, McDonalds and Google all provide very different products; however, one connecting factor is their simple and widely recognised logos. Make sure you keep an eye out for our next blog post where we will look at the story behind the logos for Coca-Cola, Subway and Amazon.

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