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    What is digital printing?

    Digital printing is the process of printing from a digital file to a toner or ink-based printer. It is a cost-effective process that delivers a high-quality outcome, in a shorter time than traditional offset printing.

    What is your standard turnaround time?

    Turnaround time is 2-5 days depending on the size of the job. However we also offer a Same Day service and a Fast Track Service.

    Do you offer same day printing?

    Yes, we offer same day printing services for general copying, scanning, laminating, binding and plan printing services. Other printing services can be Fast Tracked and requested as Urgent but may incur aan addition fee.

    Can I e-mail an order or do I have to come in to the shop?

    Yes, you can e-mail us your file to print along with the job details. E-mail your job to

    What if my file is too big to e-mail?

    If your file is too big to e-mail you can upload it to WeTransfer. It’s free and very easy to use.

    Does Noble Ink have parking?

    Yes, we have a large free customer parking area at the rear of the shop.

    Can I get my job delivered?

    We deliver anywhere in Australia and Internationally. For Tasmanian deliveries we use a local courier service, to Australia or further we use Australia Post, My Fastway or Sendle.

    Does Noble Ink store my file for future print runs?

    We can store customer files at your request. We also recommend customers keep copies of their print files. While all care is taken to ensure the safety of files stored on-site, we take no responsibility for lost or damaged files.

    What is a 'bleed'?

    Bleed refers to printing that goes beyond the edge of the sheet after trimming (3mm bleed is preferable).

    What DPI (Dots Per Inch) is suitable for print?

    We recommend 300 dpi or greater, anything less will result in pixelation or blurriness.

    What is Cello glazing?

    Cello glazing is a common finishing option in printing, Commonly used on business cards, presentation folders and booklet covers, it offers a high quality finish to your printed jobs.

    Available in both gloss, matt and velvet feel (deluxe matt) options, cello glazing offers a professional look and feel to the finished product by adhering a thin sheet of film using heat and pressure. It offers added protection and durability to your print job that is very difficult to remove. Often referred to as “cello” there are benefits to both the matt and gloss options.

    Matt cello is non-reflective and while it offers a silky, smooth finish, it can flatten out the colours in your printed piece. If you are looking to be able to write on your business card or print project, then we recommend using the matt cello as gloss is difficult to write on.

    Gloss cello offers a clear and shiny finish that tends to brighten and enhance your colours.

    Both options offer protection, strength and rigidness to your print project allowing it to be more durable. It’s a great option if your printed piece will be handled frequently or may encounter moisture.

    What type of file types do you accept?

    We prefer print ready PDF files for printing however we also accept EPS, TIFF, JPG. We can print from Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Depending on the level of production we may accept Microsoft Office files such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Publisher.

    Should my files/images be CMYK or RGB?

    Both are acceptable.

    Can I print a job that has 'copyright' on it?

    Copyright law means you cannot print material protected by copyright unless special circumstances apply as covered in the copyright act e.g. for review, news reporting or research purposes.

    Can I have a proof?

    Depending on the size and complexity of your job, we are happy to print a proof in store for you.

    Can Noble Ink colour match?

    We can usually achieve a very good colour match however due to the nature of digital printing it may not be exact. Rest assured that we take every effort to get the best results possible for you!

    What is the heaviest weight paper you can print on?

    The heaviest paper we stock is 350gsm.

    What papers do you stock?

    We have a wide range of papers and specialty papers. Please contact us to see if you are looking for something specific.

    Can you print onto textured or water colored paper?

    Yes, on our wide format machines we offer an Archival Artists reproduction paper.

    How wide can you print?

    We can print up to 1350mm wide on our Roland Outdoor Printing Machines, 1118mm on our Epson wide format machines and up to 450mm wide on our copy production machines.

    How wide can you laminate?

    We can laminate up to 980mm wide.

    Do I need to pick up or do you deliver?

    We offer both services.

    Can I pay for my order when I pick it up?

    Generally, we require payment at the time of printing but if you are a regular customer, we can set you up with a business account so that you have the option of paying within standard payment terms.

    What happens if I've got a question and it's not listed here?

    If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch via phone, message or email.

    Is it cheaper to print at home?

    It depends. If you need to print a few documents, it can be. But if you don’t print often or if you need high volumes of printing, a printer can save on costs. Ink expires after a few years and bulky printers take up space. If you have trouble with colour correcting this is where a professional printer’s expertise can save you money.

    Can you do foil embellishment?

    Yes, we have several foil options available – Gold, silver and rose gold, plus additional colours by request. Perfect for wedding invitations, birthday invitations, business cards, quotation prints, and labels.

    Do you print on wood, linen, fabric?

    Not currently but we are always looking to expand our offerings based on our customers’ needs. If you are interested in something we don’t currently offer, please email us