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  • About Noble Ink

    We print opportunity

    Do you want level-up your professionalism? Quality printed products can make you stand out.

    Unsure how or what to order? Check out our massive product arsenal and easy-to-follow instructions.

    Worried about wasting money? Every product is checked by an actual human to meet our high standards, and yours.

    Confused about which products are the best for home, business or gifts? We can help you order exactly what you need, zero wastage.

    Want to support Australian business? Tasmanian owned and operated, Noble Ink is a proud family business serving all of Australia (and beyond).

    Don’t trust important projects to employees at big chains or you could end up wasting time and money (and paper!)

    Hi, I'm Paul Noble, UK expat and Tassie Local.

    My cleverly random career path of graphic design, printmaking and engineering became the foundation for my company, Noble Ink.

    With a laptop, a printer and some quill + ink drawings, my Tasmanian wife and I migrated from the UK to TAS. I had always wanted to start my own business so then, out of a suitcase, I did.
    It started with a borrowed printer, some of my designs, and our local market.
    I created some prints, business cards and signs for myself (sometimes that's all you need to start a business!) and soon I was taking orders from other vendors for things like jam jar labels.

    When some printing equipment came up for sale at an auction, I jumped on the opportunity, found a space, and started expanding.
    In 2009, almost a year after leaving the UK, I turned Noble Ink’s closed sign to open in my new shop- I still remember my first customer.

    People come to me because they want products that will enhance important opportunities and life events; weddings, celebrations, new businesses, job interviews, sales, conferences and more. Exceptional service comes standard because I sell solutions.

    Word of mouth has always been my favourite way to grow.
    Friendly to our environment.

    On demand printing means less waste.

    We recycle our ink toners, cartridges, cardboard packaging and paper waste.
    Recycled paper and card in stock.
    Our papers are FSC Certified and come from Responsible Sources.


    We feel rewarded by your repeat business, referrals, and fantastic words of praise

    Noble Ink is a twice Finalist in the KCEC 2015 business Awards:

    Retail and Retail Services
    Manufacturing and Export