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    Keep it local: how supporting your local printing business can benefit you

    With a rise in online print-on-demand services available we want to talk about the importance of supporting your local print shop (us!) and why we should be your first choice for printing.

    Local economic growth
    Commissioning Noble Ink Design and Print to complete your print job injects money back into your local community. We employ and contract locals and give back to our community where possible. This helps establish a healthy local economy where locals support each other, money is kept close to home and funds are ultimately circulated back to you.

    Personal connection
    Have you ever had a frustrating email exchange when your expectations were not met with an online order? This can be avoided by engaging Noble Ink to complete your project. Not only can you experience the ease of face to face communication if required, good customer service and a personalised service, but we also get to establish long-term positive relationships.
    Fostering this personal connection provides a great opportunity for us all to network and raise brand recognition, and we love promoting our clients’ businesses and projects on social media. Demonstrating your commitment to supporting local businesses is a sure way to see the goodwill returned to you.

    Quality and timely service
    Consultation is key to delivering high quality printing products that adequately represent a brand or project. Noble Ink can accommodate and personalise orders to your specifications. By calling into our shop for a chat, a high level of accountability is established, you can see our machines in action and view the quality of our services. We make it a priority to produce your orders promptly, so there is no need to wait for the final product to be shipped and you avoid paying postage fees by collecting in store.

    Environmental impact
    In a time where carbon miles and climate change are hotly discussed and debated it is imperative to consider the environmental impact of our purchases. Using Noble Ink reduces resources and conserves energy. There is less fuel used when shipping your product and limited packaging, such as foam and plastics are required. Supporting local is an easy solution to reducing your carbon footprint.

    We are extremely fortunate and thankful for the wide-spread support we receive from our local community, and we’d love to see it grow despite increasing competition from the big guys in online print-on-demand services. Next time you go to place an online print order make sure it’s with
    And any time you shop online, please consider this:
    – Can you obtain the product locally?
    – Who benefits from your purchase?
    – How do you benefit from ordering the product online verses purchasing it locally?

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    • Maggie B

      Congratulations Paul on a great blog… I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful quality and service you and James provide. That mixed with great communication , you deserve on going success.

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