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  • Design and Printing for the Wolfe’s Berry Farm!

    Tom Wolfe has been a client for many years now.
    Back in the day, before the Wolfe’s Brothers appeared on Australia’s Got Talent and my business was just starting out, he would bring me the bands promotional letters to photocopy so he could send to record management and radio stations. He has been a loyal supporter of my business over the years, and I have come to know him as a great, down to earth guy!

    Have you heard of the Wolfe’s Berry Farm?
    Wolfe’s Berry Farm was established in 1899 by George Wolfe, who was an early pioneer in the Neika area. Since then the farm has been producing small fruits: Raspberries, Black Currents, Red Currents, Gooseberries, Loganberries, Josterberries and Kentish Cherries. Brothers Tony and Malcolm Wolfe are the third-generation berry growers and the family continues to produce high quality fruits on their picturesque property. The season runs from December to early February.
    The farm can be found in Neika, nestled in the country hills 20 Klm south west of Hobart.

    A label design was needed.
    On one busy afternoon, Tom Wolfe walked into my shop with two empty jam jars and proclaimed his idea to me. “Can you design and print me a label for my products, I’ll work on a blurb, I’ve got the logo, let’s see what you can come up with”.
    We measured the jars, sourced the right size label, created colour schemes and fonts to compliment the jam products and then got to work on the many different design configurations until we happily narrowed it down to the final two designs. One for each product. We then printed drafts for Tom and his family to approve. Once we got the final seal of approval, we printed the first batch of labels within a day and then the jam jars were labelled and photographed ready for product launch.

    Brand Identity for a gourmet chocolate.
    About halfway through designing the jam jar designs Tom exclaimed that he had another product he wanted to launch, but this time there was no brand identity. The product was a gourmet freeze-dried fruit encapsulated in a dark chocolate to be placed into small jars. These are made in collaboration with Rhuby Delights.
    We agreed a that deluxe, gourmet feel, and a bespoke look was needed for these handmade chocolates.
    By the way, I have been lucky enough to have tried the goods and they are astounding!

    We worked and worked on fine tuning the design.
    We felt the product needed an elegant looking font, one that gives a nod towards the Wolfe’s Berry generations of old. To the dripping chocolate that sits on top of the circular logo that gives suggestion to the round chocolate product. The Purple, Gold and Dark Chocolate colours to suggest a high class feel to the product.
    Both the label designs were then signed off and printed within a day so that they could be placed on the jars, photographed for promotion and launched for sale.
    I think we nailed it!

    A banner designed and printed for market stalls.
    We were also asked to design and print a promotional banner. Customised to Toms requirements, ropes top and bottom were stitched into the hem and eyelets added for various hanging configurations.
    This banner was printed, stitched, roped and eyeleted within 24hrs!

    It’s been an honour to work on these designs, carefully printing them and then to finally see them on the products ready for sale!

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