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  • Typography, the underappreciated powerhouse of design

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    Our recent post about the Noble font generated quite a bit of interest and got us thinking about typography, its importance and how we digest visual art, specifically – text. Before we delve into the importance of typography, let’s look at what typography is. Typography can be understood as the practice of adjusting the size, colour, space between characters and lines and appearance of letters and text so it is legible, clear and aesthetically appealing. We consume written text via various mediums, commonly books, television, signs, social media, advertising, menus, and brochures.

    The volume of information thrown at us has risen exponentially due to our ever-increasing engagement with the digital world. This means we are consistently taking in and processing new information, which is why design and typography are particularly important when trying to capture attention.

    It is estimated there are over half a million fonts in existence, so there are endless options for designers to consider. Most fonts can be categorised as either Serif, Sans Serif, or Script.

    Serif fonts have the little lines at the ends of the characters and are traditionally used in large blocks of text, like novels. Times New Roman is a classic example.

    Sans serif fonts do not have the serif lines at the ends of the characters and create a more modern look. Arial is a popular choice in this category.

    Finally, Script fonts look more like handwriting or calligraphy and can be used to accentuate single words, headlines, or quotes. These fonts can add a sophisticated touch to your brand.

    It is essential to limit the number of fonts used to represent your brand to no more than 3 (one from each category). This creates consistency and professionalism in the way you communicate your business. The typography you select is just as important to your brand as your colour palette.

    Some things we think about when designing or choosing fonts or typefaces include:

    • What is the main message we want to convey and what do we want to draw attention to?
    • Is the text easy to read? For example are the characters spaced out enough or too close together, making it difficult to read
    • How big or small is the text?
    • What colour are we using? Is it bright, washed out or neutral?
    • We use white space, also known as ‘negative space ’, around text or graphics to avoid crowding
    • What personality, MOOD or emotion do we want to project?

    A well selected font can hold the reader’s attention, effectively deliver a message, make text easy to read, convey a mood or feeling, draw your attention to the most important point, create recognition (think Coca-Cola and Google) and reflects a professional image.

    When creating new designs, we suggest playing around with your brands fonts, colours, styles, sizes, compare the options and get feedback from other people. And most of all, have fun! It is very satisfying when you create a design that successfully draws people’s attention and gets a message across!

    If you find yourself in need of some assistance with your design or advice on your font selection, reach out to Paul and James at Noble Ink today!



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